Highly, highly recommend AWCM!!!! Have been with Dr. Wessels and her staff with all three of my dogs - going back to when she was a rather new vet. I have had two terriers with their rambunctious natures, to my newest and more tentative rescue. I marvel at how, not only Dr. Wessels, but her staff seem to know the best way to work with each of my girls. I trusted Dr. Wessels with their lives, and she has always provided the best care I could ever ask for. My two previous dogs were each just shy of their 15th birthdays when they passed - and both had some rather unusual health conditions that she managed exceptionally well for many years. I'm looking forward to another long run with my newest girl. I know I can count on them to keep Meghan happy and healthy for a long time to come!!! Thank you and God Bless!!

Arline A.

Care about my dogs. Helped me make the right choice regarding acl surgery for my dog. The staff is amazing and very helpful. Dr. Wessel is the best vet. I love this place.

Susan P.

Always great . They truly Love the animals.So very happy you took care of Dixie. Now new puppy Roxie. They love you

Connie N.

Great experience from the first phone call all the way to end of appt. The staff and Dr were all so friendly and kind. I would higly recommend.

Summer E.

I absolutely love this place to take my furbabys great service and the people there are awesome ..this my boy Zeus at Animal Wellness Center making sure his health is good.

Norma V.

They are extremely professional and competent. Plus they truly care about their patients. You are doing yourself and pet a disservice by not at least giving Animal Wellness a try.

Daniel W.

I love this place,they are great with my dog and both of my cats.Very caring staff and answers any questions I have.They treat my animals as if it was one of their own.

Jennifer R.

They are super nice any questions I have they answer and they just treat my pets with love and respect. I honestly do trust them with my beautiful furry friends.

Yailin A.
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