AWCM is Now Certified as a Cat Friendly Practice by the AAFP!

bigstock-Two-cats-on-plaid-close-up-53639905Our warm and wonderful feline friends are growing in popularity – as proved by a 2011 study in which 86 million cats were owned as pets, compared to 78 million dogs. Yet, as much as we love our feline friends, veterinary care for them does not appear to be as high of a priority. According to a 2011 study by Bayer Healthcare, two times as many cats as dogs never visit the veterinarian. Furthermore, of the cats that do maintain regular check-ups, they average 26% fewer visits than dogs. From a cat’s reluctance to enter a new and unfamiliar environment, to staff that may not know how to handle cats, the anxiety of vet calls for both cat and owner can be overwhelming. The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) has created a Cat Friendly Practice program to change that, and Animal Wellness Center of Monee is proud to announce that we are now an officially certified Cat Friendly Practice!

AWCM has re-evaluated every aspect of their services from the perspective of the cat. With this program, we are committed to feline healthcare and implementing cat friendly standards. We are sensitive to your cat’s distinct physical and behavioral needs, and we facilitate high-quality feline veterinary care while addressing the unique challenges and difficulties associated with bringing cats into the veterinary center. By adopting a feline insight in all areas, we are making cat-friendly upgrades in our setting, staff training, client programs, and more. Staff coaching and continuing education are especially important, so we make sure everyone on our staff is well versed in feline handling, as well as familiar with the complete cycle of feline life stage issues. AWCM also aspires for owners to be a part of their pets’ total healthcare through a growing info base – educating owners on the necessity of wellness visits and preventative care. Information provided will include home care and nutrition facts. We have adopted this program to equip ourselves with the tools, resources, and expertise to elevate the standard of care for cats.

To achieve Cat Friendly Practice status, Animal Wellness Center of Monee has complied with AAFP’s highest standards of veterinary practice to assure our facility reflects the ultimate in cat friendly attitude and environment. We are dedicated to always staying current on the latest feline information and educational material. We are committed to making every aspect of your veterinarian visit with your “pals” less stressful.

Our cats are beloved pets and comforting companions. Their healthcare and wellness is vital, and here at Animal Wellness Center of Monee we make it our priority. With our certification as a Cat Friendly Practice from the AAFP, we are proud to say that from the minute you walk through the door, you will be a part of a welcoming, comfortable experience that will ultimately lead to the improved health of your cat.

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